Some creative ideas for your guest favours :)

Often amidst all the planning of the “big stuff” we forget about the guest favours and panic ensues as to what to put on the tables for everybody that is going to be there without completely blowing the budget. And as ladies who want to savour the memory of this momentous occasion we want it to be something super sentimental! Truth is, your guests are honoured to just be sharing the day with you and would be more than happy with an after dinner mint! In saying that, there are lots of creative ways you can make quirky, simple gifts that won’t break the bank and add a bit of your personalities to the table.
To help you get those creative juices flowing I have some suggestions for you!

I photographed a wedding once where the couple had taken all their favourite songs which were being included in the day’s celebrations, burnt them onto CD’s for all their guests and had a photo of them printed on the fronts. I thought this was such a brilliant idea, and my husband and I being very into our music, I stole the idea for my own wedding! We have been married for almost 4 years and our friends and family who were there still play our disc in their cars! And every time I pop it into the CD player all the memories and emotions of the day come straight back to me!

wedding guest favours personalised cd
Sweeties always go down a treat! And the cute play on words is endless! Check out these macaroons with “love is sweet” tags or my personal favourite of 2 chocolate digestive biscuits with marshmallows between to pop in the microwave for “Smore Love” at the end of the night!!!

Another great idea along these lines is test tube instant cocoa or hot chocolate shots…just add a few chocolate sprinkles and tiny marshmallows at the top for extra decadence…..yummo!

And why not give the cocoa tubes to the ladies and personalised cigars to the men? They do have a striking resemblance so will keep the place settings looking uniform…and let’s be honest – which lady doesn’t like chocolately goodness and which man doesn’t enjoy a good cigar on a special occassion!

Men and women do differ in their tastes and we all have our favorites…that’s why I love this idea of a his and her favorite snack pack. Here it is nuts and jelly beans but it could be biltong and liquorice allsorts, depending on what tickles you and your future hubby’s fancies! You could dress it up a bit but I always think less is more when it comes to favours.

Succulents seem to be so popular these days, not just in decor trends but make perfect gifts too. And because they are so hardy and a less feminine plant in appearance anyone can appreciate them! Send a little succulent home with each of your guests to prop on their kitchen window or plant in their garden and remember your special day for years to come.

If you are the kind of people who enjoy a good party no doubt the shooters will be flying on your wedding night! Take a look at these awesome little shot bottles with instruction handle “Take a shot, we tied the knot” and personalised sticker underneath for keepsakes. Something I know my hooligan friends and family would get a big kick out of!

And you can’t have a balls to the walls shindig without a bit of a sore head the next morning! I had a good chuckle at this idea…ïn sickness and in health water bottles with advil attached for your guests to slip down before hitting the sack and hopefully avoiding the pounding heads the morning after! If only I had thought of that 4 years ago!!!


I hope I have stirred up the creative juices and given you some food for thought when considering your guests favours for your big day. And don’t forget to call on Mendola should you still be considering the “big” things like an awesome Midlands venue with the best food in town by far 🙂

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