Some creative ideas for your guest favours :)

Often amidst all the planning of the “big stuff” we forget about the guest favours and panic ensues as to what to put on the tables for everybody that is going to be there without completely blowing the budget. And as ladies who want to savour the memory of this momentous occasion we want it […]


Welcome! I thought I would kickstart Mendola’s exciting new blog platform by introducing myself. My name is Chantelle and I have been a part of the wedding industry for many years, mainly as a photographer. I have had the privilege of working with many wedding venues in the Midlands but this one holds a very […]

Tips to Planning your Wedding

SO YOU SAID YES ! Ooh the moment will stay with you forever whether it was on bended knee or a banner across the bridge on the way to work . The fact remains you said yes and now the task of arranging the wedding lays ahead . This is something that you will want […]