Tips to Planning your Wedding


Ooh the moment will stay with you forever whether it was on bended knee or a banner across the bridge on the way to work . The fact remains you said yes and now the task of arranging the wedding lays ahead . This is something that you will want to make really special and to help you with this I will post tips and advice on making your wedding day a Special one .

The first thing you now want to do is surf the web looking for venues and caterers , idea’s on decorating and flower arrangements and the all-important Wedding Dress . This is quite understandable but you should first and foremost set yourself a Budget . This is probably your first step as a couple in making a big financial  decision together  and should be one that you two take together . If there is going to be assistance from your parents that’s great , if not then there is even more reason to make this decision together . You do not want your first year of marriage to be one with a large millstone of a loan or credit card debt . Your first year should be one of good memories and not stress that leads to arguments. So SET A REALISTIC BUDGET if there is assistance from your parents great add it to what you two feel you can afford or have saved up . Now start a journal or file in which you are going to add all your ideas and quotes as well as your confirmations .It is important to at this point draw up a  Guest List , this does not have to be the final draft but a work in progress . It should be done  to give you some indication of how big a venue is going to be needed and allow for an extra  10 people, as it is inevitable that you have forgotten about someone or you may meet some really special people during the year leading up to your wedding that you would like to include .  Hopefully you have set a wedding date about a year away that will give you all the time you need to plan your special day . Keep in mind it’s your special day and do not get to over whelmed by what you see on Pinterest or Instagram or are told by friends or family to do .

Decide on a colour or theme and then go looking for ideas that are in that area . So if its “Lace” ,” Vintage”, “Gold &Ivory ” or “Crystal & Glass” stick with it and when looking for a Venue try and find one where your theme or colour is already covered or can be accommodated without you having to redecorate the venue or hire in a whole lot of extra’s .

Also ask the venue if they are prepared to offer that which you want as part of their costs . This will help keep costs down and you may be surprised how far some venues will go to secure your booking .


OVER PLANNING can spoil your day and the build up to it so do not over plan and create headaches for yourself . Delegate work to your Bridesmaids , Family and Friends and remember the venue , photographer and caterer to this for a living . So ones you have made the decision on who you are using and have confirmed what you expect from them . Let them get on with it and if you have changes that you want made have a meeting discuss it with them and then put it in writing and stop worrying about it  . Always remember you are planning a celebration and the build up to it should be as much fun as the day its self .


There are going to be some things that are fun to plan and some that are not as much fun but please remember that they are all of equal importance to you as a couple . I am going to list a few headings that will be covered over the coming months and in the order that I think they should be booked or addressed . I will then try and give you as much information and tips as possible on them and get experienced people in their respected fields to share their experience .


Planned Tips and Points of Interest


Church and Venue


Marriage Officer


Invitations and Stationery




DJ or Band


Wedding Dress and Grooms attire


Wedding Rings/Jewellery


Catering and Bar


Wedding Cakes


Flowers and Table Décor


Pre Marriage Contracts


Table Gifts


Honey Moon


In the mean  time until I next write please go and check with your church if there is any requirements that you need to for fill for them to marry you . Some Churches offer a Marriage or Alpha Course and may require you to complete this course before your wedding day . But for the mean time Set the Date and Decide on the Budget


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